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Speedweld have been providing quality Cairns Aluminium Fabrication to the region for more than 10 years and we have grown to become the leading supplier of this service in the area. With a highly experienced team and a workshop fitted out with the latest technology in equipment and tooling, we are in a key position to ensure your next Cairns Aluminium Fabrication is completed to perfection.

We provide Cairns Aluminium Fabrication to many industries on a commercial basis and one such type in the local marine industry. Whether for private or commercial vessels, our Cairns Aluminium Fabrication services have been utilised by some of the leading figures in this field. Because we understand this environment we produce the highest grade of quality for Cairns Aluminium Fabrication that will withstand the harsh environments they may be subjected to.

We also work with many businesses involved in the construction industry with supplying custom designed Cairns Aluminium Fabrication products to suit big or small requirements. As a company who is also members of the Housing Industry Association and Queensland Master Builders, we understand that every component of a building project, including Cairns Aluminium Fabrication services, are crucial to work together to ensure a satisfactory project completion. With this understanding in place, Speedweld are in a prime position to work with your company in providing exceptional Cairns Aluminium Fabrication to suit your requirements.

Speedweld are supporters of our local economy as well, with a team of dedicated Cairns Aluminium Fabrication helping us to achieve the desired results for our clientele. We also ensure all team members are highly capable to handle any Cairns Aluminium Fabrication project with regular training and courses to ensure superior knowledge in the industry.

The Speedweld workshop is able to handle almost any Cairns Aluminium Fabrication project and we have built up a wide range of ancillary supportive equipment and tooling along with highly competent staff to ensure we handle your project with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism.

Speak to the team at Speedweld today about your next Cairns Aluminium Fabrication and we can discuss ways of helping you move forward with your project utilising Speedweld as an integral supplier to the cause. With our dedication to providing only the best Cairns Aluminium Fabrication services and our high levels of attention to detail, no other business is able to handle these tasks as competently as us.

With over 10 years experience in the provisioning of effective Cairns Aluminium Fabrication outcomes, we've positioned ourselves as leaders in our field. With our ongoing commitment to this cause and the desire to always provide our customers with a totally accurate and beneficial Cairns Aluminium Fabrication project outcome, we have gained a reputation for delivering projects to exacting specification on time and within budget.

With Cairns having many Cairns Aluminium Fabrication workshops starting up it is crucial that you deal with a team that will be here in the future should extra add-on work to the project be required or if there are any repairs essential in the near future. With us now celebrating our 10th year as the leading Cairns Aluminium Fabrication service provider in the north you can rest assured that we will be here in the future to continue working with you to ensure reliability and efficiency. Next time you require the services of a Cairns Aluminium Fabrication give us a call and we can have an obligation free discussion about your project and suggest ways where we can be instrumental in helping you achieve the results you desire.


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Speedweld are a highly experienced and qualified supplier of Cairns Welding & Engineering services to the NQ region since 1997 and in our history we have worked on many large and small projects. Speedweld are one of the few workshops in the region who provide Cairns Aluminium Welding services which is utilised by businesses in the marine and construction industries for large and small projects. With our Cairns Stainless Steel Welding we have worked with many building and engineering firms from the design and initial concept stages right through to the fabrication and installation along with on site installations of finished products to mining sites and government work sites. Our Cairns Custom Welding division has years of experience working on both large and small projects and we work frequently with companies in the construction and building industry. Our Cairns Aluminium Fabrication services are largely adopted by the marine fabrication industry and we work with both commercial and domestic clients on both large and small projects. Speedweld are the leaders in Cairns Stainless Steel Fabrication and we produce all of our projects from our local workshop which employs local qualified staff and we can prepare projects in our workshop or on site if required.

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